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What is geocaching ?


It is a hobby which consists in searching or hiding a container with a GPS in different places in the world. It is a modern treasure hunt which combines the pleasure of hiking and the pleasure of game and discovery.

21 « caches » have been hidden in Chantonnay Region.

A « cache » is a resistant and waterproof container with a register book of the visitors (a logbook) and one or several treasures.


There are traditional « caches » (the geocacher has already the GPS coordinates of the treasure) and there are « multi-caches » (the geocacher has to solve several riddles in order to obtain the GPS coordinates.)


Take your smartphone, you can download the free application GEOCACHING.COM or another application using the GPS coordinates. And if you don’t have a smarthpone take all the coordinates of the caches in the leaflet available at the tourist office, at the « Communauté de Communes » (De Gaulle Street) and in the region city halls, or you can download this leaflet on the website.

Have your GPS handy (you can rent one at the Tourist Bureau 3€/ half a day, 5€/ + ID card for guarantee.

Enter the coordinates of a cache and start your treasure hunt.

Share your adventures and pictures on the website

Information : The Tourist Office 02 51 09 45 77


Caches in Chantonnay Region :

In the town center of Chantonnay                      In the alleys

Saint Hilaire Church                                              The historical Sigournais

In Sigournais center                                              Along the track « la coulée verte »

In the green area of Menardeau                         Vouraie Lake

Barillère Cave                                                           La Bourroche Pond

La Bobine wash house                                          The former Railway

Rochereau Lake                                                      The Grand Bateau Valley

The Angle Guignard Lake                                     La Solissonière

La Croix des Martyrs                                              La Coulée Verte