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Ask for your Patrimony Map at the Tourist Bureau to discover  beautiful sites all along the walking tracks of Chantonnay Region.

The Religious Patrimony

Open the doors of the churches in Chantonnay Region, discover the treasure of the church of Saint Vincent Sterlanges and the Roman and Gothic architectural treasures of Saint Germain de Prinçay and Puybelliard.

Grammont Priory :

At the end of the 12th Century Richard the Lionheart (Richard I) ordered the foundation of Grammont priory, one of the numerous priories of the Order of Grammont. It is one of the best preserved French priories.

The treasure and the church of Saint Vincent Sterlanges :

Inside the church you can discover a permanent exhibition of sacred art. You will admire twelve objects dated back from the 14th Century to the 19th Century which are registered in the Historical Monuments of France.

Trizay Abbey :

It was built during the 12 th Century according to Saint Benoît’s rules. The abbey church and the chapter house still exist. The hugest building, dating back to the 18th Century, was created to accommodate monks.

Temples :

Saint Germain de Prinçay and Saint Prouant temples are the signs of the Protestant religion. Saint Prouant temple still functions.

Bournezeau and Saint Vincent Puymaufrais churches :

A 19th Century church with its 57-meter-high spire.

Chantonnay church :

Wit hits 58-meter-high spire, the church was built in the Poitou style : 3 portals surmounted by a rose-window and 3 niches with statues.

Puybelliard, Saint Mars des Prés and Saint Philbert du Pont Charrault Churches :

The churches around Chantonnay are full of interests. Puybelliard Church is included in the Historical Tour « From alley to alley » (de venelles en ruelles)

Rochetrejoux Church :

The church dates back to the 19th Century and has a neo-Gothic style.

Sigournais Church :

The church dates back to the 17th Century and has a painted wooden reredos.

Saint Hilaire le Vouhis Church :

The church dates back to the 19th Century. Its steeple dates back to the 15th Century.

 The Region Patrimony

Pigeon Houses and Porches

Porches are architectural elements that mark the entry of an estate.

Pigeon Houses were used to breed domestical pigeons.

Wash Houses

You will discover the wash houses of Chantonnay Region in the middle of villages or long the walking tracks. The wash house (also called « le doué ») was the place where the women of the village used to gather to wash the linen and tell each other the local news.


Only windmills are still visible in Chantonnay Region.

Arts and crafts


A stained-glass window maker.





Painters of Chantonnay Region



A tapestry maker in Chantonnay. The award winner of the quality charter of welcome in 2011.



A wood sculptor.



A calligrapher, illuminator and visual artist.